Monday, April 13, 2009


So, I have to say, I LOVE having a big family! Everyone is very thoughtfully having babies for me, so I get my baby fix when I need it! Here are some of the cutest kids in the world!!!

Kian looks like he is about to eat Jack Jack!
5 day old Presley in her Easter Dress!
Garrett with his Easter eggs!
Start 'em early, that's what I say!!!!
Little Duffy is one of the happiest chubbiest babies! He's so much fun!!!
Presley and me, the day after she was born
Caleb is too dang cute!!! I just love him to pieces!
Ok, so Ty and Mara aren't babies anymore, but they still deserve a spot because of how cute and perfect they are!!!
And last, but not least, my perfect little Jack Jack! He owns the kissin-est cheeks ever! I can't ever walk past him without kissing him!!!


Erica said...

Dang! You do have way too cute neices and nephews! You are one lucky aunt--and they are even luckier to have you for their aunt! We love Aunt Beanie!!

Tom and Danielle said...

That is true! Every kid should wish for such an awesome aunt!!! :)