Tuesday, January 20, 2009


School has started once again, but this semester I'm not alone! Tom decided the time was right for him to go back to school so Tuesday was basically his first class since high school!!! I couldn't be prouder of him- it's got to be incredibly hard to go back after all that time. 

He is taking 4 classes this semester:
History- which he loves! For some reason he likes to just sit and read his textbook. Not sure yet what is wrong with him, but hopefully we'll find a cure soon!
Algebra- pretty basic, but is a good review and an easy class to ease him back into school mode.
Intro to Architecture- once again he loves it! 
and CIS- another boring intro class.

I'm only taking 3 classes this semester. My classes are:
Accounting Information Systems
Financial Accounting 2
Operations Management
I'm planning on the semester kicking my butt since all my classes are really work intensive. But hopefully with only 3 classes I'll be able to somewhat survive! 

I have to say though, it's nice to have someone to study with me every night!


Trish said...

Way to go Normans! As weird as it sounds, we miss school! It was fun to go together too! We hope that Tom enjoys it and that you survive with your tough classes! Good luck!

Dowland Fam said...

Good job Tommy! I am totally impressed and Jared definately feels the pain of going to school.