Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Garrett

We finally got a new camera! Yay! This is our 3rd camera in as many years. But now maybe I will be better at keeping up on the blogs because I will actually have fun pictures to share instead of just random stories. My siblings and I gave my brother, Colin tickets to the Weezer that was last night so we got to tend my nephew Garrett while they were at the concert! Mayzie absolutely loves baby G! When Garrett cries Mayzie runs over to check on him and if we don't make him happy soon enough she will start crying too. She is always checking on him to make sure he is ok. Its pretty cute!!! This is Mayzie playing watch dog from her post on top of the chair.

Is this the cutest face ever?! Mayzie and Baby G playing together.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Wow, I'm evidently not very good at this whole blogging thing!!! But at least by posting this blog I should be good for the next couple months, right? :)

As most of you know Tom is in Seattle working right now for a couple weeks- so I decided to fly up next weekend to see him!!! I'm pretty excited about it! A vacation is something great to look forward to while I am missing my husband horribly! But if anyone has any suggestions for things to do in Seattle please let me know!!!

Ok, so this picture was taken in Oregon, not Washington, but its still the northwest so it still counts, right?