Friday, June 7, 2013

Funny things my son says.

I need to write down some of the funny things Lincoln says before I forget them! He keeps my laughing every day!

One of my favorite things he does is the way he phrases some of his sentences.
"I'm scared for that" meaning "I'm scared of that."
"I need an octopus eats!" meaning he wanted to eat a gummy octopus
"I have boogies more." meaning "I have more boogers"
"I AM all done." I know this one is normal, but it's the way he emphasizes the "am" that is soo dang cute!

His expletives of choice keep me super entertained!
Oh Boy! (Said both happily and sadly)
Hot Dog!
Oh dang!

Other things he says regularly:
"We have to do ______________ and see what happens."
"I'm scared like a boat."
"I'm a big bear like you!"

Sleeping and Waking up stories

He woke up the other day and told Tom he needed to watch a show. And then he said "And I need one cookie...TWO cookies....ONE cookie!"

When I'm trying to get him to sleep, usually the last thing I do is sing songs. So it's apparently an indicator that I'm going to be leaving him soon. So sometimes if he doesn't want me to go he tells me it's too late for songs. 

He tries to come up with as many excuses to not go to bed as he can. Here are some of them:
I need to pee
I need to hold you
I want to see the baby
I'm too busy
My toes are hungry
I have to go pee
I need to snuggle you
I want to watch a show
I'm scared for (of) the living room
I have to go pee

I was trying to convince Lincoln to go to sleep and turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for him. At the beginning of the show Mickey asks "Do you want to come into my clubhouse?" Lincoln usually nods or says "uh huh!" This time though, he responded in a sad voice "I can't. I have to stay in my own bed, Mickey Mouse."

Other Stories

We were watching a show about Kangaroos and how they keep their babies in their pouches. Lincoln turned to me and told me that Leif was a koala (He must have gotten confused about the name) and that he was going to put him in his unders (apparently that's what he thought the pouch was) and climb a tree. 

I know I'll think of a million more once I close this post, but at least I have some of them documented for now. I'll try to do another post soon.