Friday, April 17, 2009

Cookies, Cupcakes and Truffles. Oh my!

 love to cook and bake and so recently I've been toying with the idea of incorporating that into something I can make money doing and possibly turn it into a full time job. So I am doing a lot of experiments with delicious food to see if people might actually want to buy the stuff I make... 

This week I made chocolate orange cupcakes with lemon frosting, yellow cupcakes with chocolate ganache, and berry chocolate chip cupcakes. 
I also experimented with some truffles. I made peanut butter, mocha, and chili powder truffles! 
This weekend I am planning on trying out some iced lemon lavender cookies and possibly some mini-Boston Cream pies! 
If you or anyone you know whats to be a test subject for some of these cookies or cupcakes, let me know! I will sell the experimental batches of cupcakes for $8, and a batch of cookies for $5. 


Trish said...

Yummmyyyyyy! Let me just say that those chocolate orange cupcakes are to DIE for! They are so delicious that my mouth is watering right now. I had one of the ones that you sent home with us last week for dessert one night this week after a hard day and it totally lifted my spirits!! You are the best cook I know...always trying something new and different! That is what makes you so are brave and I LOVE IT!!! You are not afraid to put forth the effort and time to make something wonderfuly! You and your family are always thinking of something unique to try and I am happy to be in the family to share it with you! :) Go for it!!!! Do your ROCK at it!

Dowland Fam said...

That sounds delish! So . . .when did the cooking fetish start? All I remember making at Rich 304 was bowls of batter that never got into cupcakes . .. hmm. Sounds like I got the short end of that straw! We'd love to be test subjects!