Tuesday, April 5, 2011

6 Months!

Can you believe it was 6 months ago that this little angel joined our family?! I can't believe how fast time flies!

Here are a couple of my Top 6 lists in celebration of his half birthday

Top 6 nicknames
1. Link
2. Munchkin man
3. Sugar muffin
4. Chunky Beef
5. Witto Winkon
6. Baby Bubble
Other notable nicknames: Binky-Winky, Shortround, Little Man, Grampa's boy

My Top 6 favorite things about Link:
1. When Lincoln is happy and has his binkie in his mouth, he makes a sound that sounds like he is saying "Goit." Actually, it's not only when he's happy- sometimes he angry goits. But it is the cutest thing in the world, whether he's happy or angry!
2. Lincoln doesn't really like to sleep, so when he wakes up he just talks and babbles and coos at himself. And then as soon as someone go hes to check on him, he gets the biggest smile on his face!!! Even in the middle of the night, if he is awake enough to realize I'm in his room, he smiles from ear to ear! That toothless grin makes my whole life!
3. Speaking of which, Lincoln is the happiest kid on the planet! He's just happy to be here! Smiling is his favorite thing. As soon as I get home from work, he gets so excited to see me! Even if he was just screaming, he is a happy boy when he sees his mom!
4. Lincoln is such a rolly poley! I lay him on the floor and next thing you know, he is across the room! He is working on getting up onto his knees from his stomach, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. I'm sure he will be crawling just as soon as he can! That kid likes to move!
5. He is so alert all the time! He has the most intelligent eyes and is always taking in the whole world. When we go to the store, I always think he will fall asleep, but he thinks there is just way too much to look at!
6. Lincoln is ticklish! Kissing his neck, fake biting his ribs, tickling his thighs, it doesn't matter! He will just giggle and giggle and giggle! Baby laughs are by far the greatest thing on the planet!

Lincoln's Top 6 Favorite things
1. Lincoln loves it when people sing to him! Whether it is on TV or in person, he loves music! 2. Lincoln loves the TV! If the TV is on and he isn't directly facing it, he will crane his neck to be able to see the TV! We went to the Utah Blaze game and his favorite part about it was the jumbotron!
3. Lincoln loves it when both his mom and dad are home. He is never as happy as when the 3 of us are hanging out together!
4. His binkie!!! The kid goes nuts for his binkie! He gets soooo excited when someone is putting it back in his mouth that his whole body shakes with excitement!
5. He loves to stand! If you offer your hands for him to hold onto, he will pull himself up to standing. And if you lay him down and he's not ready- oh boy does he get mad!
6. Lastly, Lincoln loves to hear himself talk! Whether he is cooing, yelling, goiting or gargling, the boy loves to talk! It is the most adorable thing ever!

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Erica said...

Thanks for sharing all those sweet things about Wittle Winkie!! I just love that boy, and wish I could be around him more often! I wish I knew him better but grateful we live close enough to see him sometimes!! How come he is growing up so fast?!