Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mayzie and Netty

Tom and I have two of the cutest dogs ever in existence! We have a little Poodle Yorkie named Mayzie Day, and a partially disabled Dachshund named Netty.

Mayzie will be 2 just after Christmas. She is the cutest little dog ever! When people first see her they usually think she is a Shi Tzu, but she is really a Yorkie. Its actually a pretty funny story- My sister had a poodle- Shi Tzu mix that was the cutest the puppy, so we decided the world would be a better place if there were more poo-shit puppies in the world. So my mom decided to breed her poodle (Floof) with Shi Tzu. Two days after Christmas Floofy started having her babies, one week before we expected them. She had 5 puppies, one brown puppy (Mayzie), and 4 black and white ones. Mayzie was the first born and the biggest puppy. We didn't think much of it until several months later Mayzie was about half the size of the other puppies and looked completely different from them. About that time we started questioning, "wait a minute, wasn't there a Yorkie that kept sneaking into the backyard when Floof was in heat?" "is it possible to have 2 dads in one litter of puppies?" So we looked it up, and we found out, YES! It is possible! Its actually quite common in lab rats! So, we haven't done any paternity tests or anything, but we are pretty convinced that she is part Yorkie while her siblings are all Shi Tzu!

Mayzie has the best temperament for a small dog! She loves kids! She doesn't mind when kids bug her and play with her and pull her tail. Most dogs get mad after about a minute of that, but she has never gotten mad at anyone! Mayzie's nickname is Mangey for 2 reasons, one reason- when her hair grows out she is basically a swiffer dust mop. Especially when we took her to the ranch Tom grew up on which is located in the middle of the desert! The second reason is that Tom's niece Kylee evidently didn't really hear us when we told her the name so called Mayzie "Mangey" the whole day! We thought it was pretty cute and the name stuck!

Our other baby is Netty. She was born with 4 vertebrae fused together in a funny angle so it pinches on her spinal cord. This means that she doesn't have full control over her back legs or, unfortunately, her bowels, so Netty wears diapers all the time. Tom found an ad on KSL classifieds explaining Netty's situation. He called for me to come read the ad and I told him to call right away! He called and said "We have a couple questions about your puppy for sale." The lady said, "Ok, what are your questions?" And Tom said, "Can we come pick her up today?" She is the sweetest little puppy in the world. If she could sit in your lap the entire day, she would be in heaven!

Netty was named after Tom's mother. Her name was Jeanette and her husband, Jeff, called her Netty. Jeanette hated the name so when Jeff got a red colored horse (same color hair as Jeanette) the name transfered. So on our way down to Provo to pick up our little Netters, Tom said that if the dog was red he wanted to name her Netty.

These two puppies are sometimes, quite a handful, but they are the best puppies ever! Its the best feeling in the world that no matter how bad your day is, you can go home to two puppies that couldn't be more excited to see you!

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